Race 3



Heeriye (Click for lyrics)
Deep Money, Neha Bhasin

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Selfish (Click for lyrics)
Atif Aslam, Iulia Vantur

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Allah Duhai Hai (Click for lyrics)
Amit Mishra, Jonita Gandhi, Sreerama Chandra, Raja Kumari

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Party Chale On (Click for lyrics)
Mika Singh, Iulia Vantur

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I Found Love (Click for lyrics)
Salman Khan, Veera Saxena

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Atif Aslam

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Atif Aslam, Mika Singh, Deep Money, Neha Bhasin, Iulia Vantur , Salman Khan, Veera Saxena

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Saansain Hui Dhuan Dhuan (Click for lyrics)
Iulia Vantur , Gurinder Seagal (Sardar G), Payal Dev

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Selfish -Unplugged
Atif Aslam, Vishal Mishra

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Ek Galti (Click for lyrics)
Shivai Vyas

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Director : Remo D’Souza
Producer : Ramesh S Taurani, Salma Khan
Cast : Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan
Music Director : Ali Jacko, Gurinder Seagal (Sardar G), Tushar Joshi, Jayanta Pathak  , Meet Bros, Shivai Vyas, Vishal Mishra
Lyricist : Rimi Nique, Shivai Vyas, Hardik Acharya, Kumaar, Kunaal Vermaa, Salman Khan , Shabbir Ahmed, Shloke Lal
Genre : Action, Drama
Year Of Release : 2018

Synopsis : With a backdrop of shady arms dealings and manufacturing the story of Race 3 introduces Shamsher Singh a man in his late sixties who is the owner of an Arms manufacturing Company in the UAE.
He runs the company with the help of his close knit family that consists of his elder step son Sikander, and his twin siblings Suraj and Sanjana. The only outsiders who are involved in his business are his body guardRahgvender Singh and his son Yash Singh. At the surface everything looks hunky dory in the family, but first impressions can go drastically wrong, when sibling rivalry and the ambition to get power and control over the company come into play.
The story makes a curve when an old friend BrijeshTripathi offers Shamsher Singh a hard disk that contains sensitive information and videos of some high profile Indian politicians for 2 Billion dollars. The hard disk is in the bank locker of a small bank in Bangkok that Shamsher and his group will have to steal.
Shamsher Singh who had always wanted to go back to his village in Uttar Pradesh seizes this opportunity. He plans to steal the hard disk and use it to have an amnesty deal to erase his dark past in India and return to his mother country with his family as honorable citizens.
The responsibility and planning of the heist is given to his elder stepson Sikander whom Shamsher Singh trusts the most.
But there is a joker in the pack named Jessica. Jessica is a highly trained professional from an international Intelligence Agency who has the entire brief of the family. She infiltrates the family as Sikander’s love interest. Sikander unaware of her background comes very close to her.
As the story moves forward, Sikander makes an elaborate heist plan with his siblings and executes the heist with deft planning. But plans seldom go right when jealousy, one up man ship and hunger for power take precedence over thoughts, action and emotions. Tips Digital Team
The story takes a U Turn as after the successful heist of the hard disk, the Bangkok police frames Sikander for smuggling cocaine and murdering a girl.
The frame up is done with such deft planning that Sikander’s future looks doomed as he looks at a sentence that would put him in prison for his entire life..
With the principal character out of the picture, masks fall off the faces of the once close-knit family.
Who is the mastermind who is planning to break up the entire family??
Is it some one from the family or is it an outside force. ??
Will Sikander succeed in coming out of his predicament and save his crumbling family??
Characters change their characteristics at the blink of an eye as the story rushes towards ahigh octane climax with betrayal, fast guns, fast cars and sleek action never seen before on the Indian screen. Action and drama that leads to a shocking twist in the climax that takes your breath away.
In all Race 3 as its predecessors is an internationally mounted saga of a family that deals in borderline crime but is ruthless and vindictive to the core. A world with twists and turns at every nook and corner, which will take the audience by surprise with its sheer unpredictability.