Misha, a young paraplegic woman confined to a wheelchair, returns to her family’s royal estate after 15 years at the behest of her estranged father; only to learn that he’s away on a business trip.

As she awaits his return in a place she hardly remembers, surrounded by people she doesn’t know or trust, Misha begins to notice strange goings-on.
She becomes convinced something is wrong when she sees her father’s body, only for it to disappear before anyone else can see it. When everyone including her stepmother Rukmini and the old family doctor question her sanity, Misha begins doubting herself, even as she digs further to uncover the truth with the help of the young estate manager Kapil.

Is Misha’s father really dead or is she losing her mind? With several vested interests and the massive estate at stake, no one is without motive, not even Misha.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Sara Ali Khan, Vikrant Massey, Chitrangda Singh
Director: Pavan Kirpalani
Producers: Ramesh Taurani and Akshai Puri
Screenplay Writers: Pavan Kirpalani and Neha Sharma
DOP: Ragul Dharuman
Associate Producer: Prakash Talreja
Dialogues: Ameet Mishra
Production Design: Nikhil Kovale
Costume: Niharika Bhasin
Sound Designer: Anirban Sengupta